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Imagine a world where stress melts away, replaced by a profound sense of inner peace and harmony. This is the transformative power that Ray, a renowned Singing Bowl Sound Therapy practitioner, strives to bring into people's lives. But Ray's journey with sound healing isn't just about impressive credentials; it's a deeply personal story woven from a rich cultural tapestry and a relentless pursuit of well-being.

Born and raised in Kathmandu, Nepal, a city where ancient temples whisper stories of spirituality, Ray was surrounded by cultural treasures from a young age. Nestled within the embrace of an historic courtyard – Itum Bahal – his connection to the profound wasn't just fostered, it bloomed naturally. Music became a constant companion, his fingers dancing on the frets of an old guitar alongside friends, a testament to his inherent appreciation for melody and rhythm. Perhaps it's no surprise then, that Ray finds solace and a powerful tool for healing in the resonant tones of singing bowls.

A seasoned traveler with a restless spirit, Ray's adventures across the globe have instilled in him a profound sense of human connection. He understands the universal language of shared experiences, a sentiment that resonates deeply within the soundscapes he creates with singing bowls. Whether exploring bustling cities or finding serenity in nature, Ray's love for the outdoors and his desire to connect with people from all walks of life enrich his perspective and fuel his passion for sharing the gift of sound healing.

Ray's own foray into the world of singing bowls wasn't a love at first sound. Curiosity sparked by a close friend of his father, who practiced this ancient therapy on visitors from near and far, led him to try a few sessions. While the initial attempts left him wanting more, a turning point arrived on the third try. The sound resonated within him in a profound way, cleansing his mind and sending a wave of energy through his body. It was a transformative experience, a moment of awakening that ignited a passion within him.

This newfound fascination with sound healing propelled Ray onto a dedicated path of learning. He devoured books on the science and art of sound therapy, his thirst for knowledge seemingly unquenchable. He embarked on a rigorous journey of self-study, meticulously researching different techniques and their applications. But Ray's learning wasn't confined to theory. For nearly two years, he embarked on a transformative journey of self-experimentation, honing his skills and mastering the art of using singing bowls to create soundscapes that resonate not just with the ears, but with the soul.

Ray's family and friends became his first students, their invaluable feedback a testament to the positive changes they experienced. Their shared experiences fueled his desire to share this transformative practice with the world at large. And so, Rohit Shrestha became Ray, a beacon of hope and light, guiding others towards a life filled with peace, balance, and an inner harmony that resonates with the symphony of the soul.

Ray's passion extends beyond individual sessions. He frequently conducts charity group healing sessions in senior citizen centers across Asia, bringing the gift of sound healing to those who may need it most. His mission is simple yet profound: to empower people to shed the burdens of stress, fatigue, and negativity, and embrace a life filled with balance and the transformative power of sound.

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